A study in texture

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A study in texture

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:33 am

SHIPtember is coming to a close yet again this year, and with it, a <i>vast</i> amount of greebling and texture.

Greebling (the act of placing large amounts of small bits into a space to create texture) is commonplace in the SHIP-building world. When used in proper amounts it can look awesome, but it can look messy or forced if the process is overused / abused. I would contend that the use of texture in a SHIP, by using various bricks, depths and directions, creates more interest that the common greeble. Take the following examples (all good mind you) from this year's SHIPtember:

Vaygr Battlecruiser Side Profile
by Tim Schwalfenberg, on Flickr

Chieftan-Class Super Battleship SHIPtember Shot
by Tyler M., on Flickr

Zebolt Spaceship (02)
by F@bz, on Flickr

SHIPtember 2015: The Ark
by Sunder_59, on Flickr

by Simon Liu, on Flickr

Now, aside from all the awesomeness above, there is a great deal to be said about a sleek, greebless design as well. Some would argue that is gives a more classic sci-fi or realistic feel to a SHIP than the bumpiness of texture or greebles. Some examples from this and past years here:

UNEN Korolev SHIP Shot
by John Moffatt, on Flickr

USS Ticonderoga SHIPtember poster
by Ryan Olsen, on Flickr

Thallia | Side
by Huib Versteeg, on Flickr

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