SLUG Bylaws

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SLUG Bylaws

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:12 am

The following are a series of Bylaws under which the group will function and run:


1.1 This document states the By-laws of the Saskatchewan LEGO® Users Group and includes the rules by which the group operates and to which Members and Board must adhere.


2.1 Our Incorporated name is the Saskatchewan LEGO® Users Group; our operating name is SLUG.


3.1 SLUG strives to provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for AFOL’s across Saskatchewan to meet and exchange creative building ideas.


4.1 Within this document, the following words and expressions have the following meanings.
- The ‘group’ or ‘SLUG’ means SLUG, the Saskatchewan LEGO® Users Group.
- ‘Member’ means any person who has been accepted into the group. (see Membership)
- ‘AFOL’ means Adult Fan of Lego: a person over the age of eighteen (18).
- ‘TLG’ means The LEGO® Group; the company that makes LEGO®.


5.1 The official Fiscal Year of the group beings on April 1st.


6.1 We have one class of Membership. Interested parties will be vetted as outlined in our Handbook.

6.2 Membership benefits include, but are not limited to, a) receiving notice about meetings and activities, b) access to the forum, c) invitation to attend and show creations at meetings and shows, and other benefits as may be determined.

6.3 If a Member is deemed to be behaving inappropriately towards other members of the group, public or otherwise, risking the integrity of the organization, they may face disciplinary action. Based on the severity of the infraction, these actions may include verbal warning, written warning, suspension of benefits or removal from group.


7.1 SLUG endeavors to hold monthly meetings accessible for all Members.

7.2 The Annual General Meeting will be held within four (4) months of the fiscal year end. All Members are entitled and encouraged to attend the AGM. The presiding Chair will lead the AGM, or the Vice-Chair if the Chair is not present. In the event of neither are present, the meeting will be run by another member of the Board. The quorum for the AGM is 20% of the total membership and voting will be through a show of hands by Members present. When the total votes cast are equal, the presiding Board member will have a casting vote to break the tie. The AGM will be used to present changes to By-Laws, the election of Board members and the review of finances.

7.3 Meeting Agendas and minutes will be posted to the forum for review by all members.


8.1 The Board will see to the affairs of SLUG. They have the responsibility to a) introduce and remove by-laws to cover any matter arising in the management of SLUG, b) deal with any matter not covered by this document and c) communicate to the membership any significant decisions they have made, together with their rationale. The Board may also communicate any significant issues that are under consideration in order to seek comments from Members.

8.2 The Board will consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Past-Chair, an Ambassador and the Treasurer. The Board must always contain no less than three (3) to no more than seven (7) Members and should be representative of the Membership from various areas of the province. As such, whenever possible, there must be at least one person on the Board from: Regina, Saskatoon, ‘at large’ (representing all other communities).

8.3 The Vice-Chair (1-year posting) will: (a) prepare and post the agenda for meetings, (b) collect and post minutes for each meeting, (c) keep a physical record of all meeting minutes. At the end of their term, the Vice-Chair becomes the Chair.

8.4 The Chair (1-year posting) will: (a) take responsibility for group communications; responding to public inquiry, regular communication with members, responding to member questions, communication between the Board and the membership, passing on show information to the appropriate show coordinators, etc., (b) to call for and lead meetings of the Board, (c) be the primary representative of SLUG on any occasion when a person is required to act in that capacity; however, the Chair may delegate this responsibility to another Board member or competent Member. At the end of their term, the Chair becomes the Past-Chair.

8.5 The Past Chair (1-year posting) will: (a) be the deputy of the Chair, and will perform any of the duties of the Chair or Vice-Chair that they are unable to perform, (b) provide information on past practice, (c) be the Chair of the Nominating Committee. At the end of their term, the Past-Chair leaves the Board.

8.6 The Ambassador (2-year posting) will: (a) provide a link between TLG and SLUG (b) keep the membership updated on changes that effect SLUG and its operation or opportunities (c) apply for programs provided by TLG for the benefit of SLUG and its Members. At the end of their term, the Ambassador leaves the Board.

8.7 The Treasurer (appointed member with full Board Member benefits) will: (a) manage the funds the group, (b) keep an up-to-date Membership list and (c) provide a financial statement to the Members at the AGM.

8.8 After a Board member’s term ends or they steps down from a position, they must wait one (1) full Board year before being considered for nomination back onto the Board. In the event that a Board member vacates their position prematurely, the Board will continue without that position with the remaining Board members covering the duties of the vacancy. During the election process, the vacancy will be dealt with.

8.9 The Board will not be remunerated or reimbursed for activities related to the Board. However, at the end of the ‘fiscal year’, the Chairs and Treasurer will receive a token of appreciation for their work. The Ambassador receives a gift from TLG annually in December.

8.10 The Board will endeavor to meet quarterly. A special meeting of the Board may be called by any member of the Board to deal with time-sensitive issues. Smaller matters may be addressed by the appropriate Board members individually.


9.1 Physical materials acquired by the group are meant for group use.

9.2 Funds the group receives are used for group functions.

9.3 Neither holdings may be requested by any member as their ‘fair share’.


10.1 The group may be dissolved at a meeting by a) a resolution, carried by at least a two-thirds majority, of the remaining Members left in the group or (b) a resolution, carried unanimously, by the presiding Board.

10.2 The resolution to dissolve the group must specify the date upon which the group will be dissolved, and the organization to which any remaining funds and holdings will be donated.

10.3 No member will benefit from the dissolution of the group by retaining any funds or holdings of the group for their own personal usage.


11.1 This version of the By-laws was created though Board and Member consultation in the Winter of 2017. After being presented to the membership for consideration, it was adopted by the membership starting in the Spring of 2017.

11.2 Proposed changes to the By-Laws will only be presented for membership vote if first agreed by the majority of the Board. These changes may be put forward by any Member, of at least one year from initially joining, with the support of five (5) other Members, each of which is also of one year's standing. Any change to the By-Laws requires a two-thirds majority vote of the membership at the AGM.

For questions or discussion arising from the information above, please use the Bylaw Discussion thread.

For a further breakdown of the groups activities, please see our Handbook.

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Re: SLUG Bylaws

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:53 pm

To keep a record of Board members

Vice Chair - Tom Dreyer
Chair - Christopher Ursu
Past Chair - Adam Dodge
Ambassador - Andre Lalonde
Treasurer - Lorelie DeRoose

Vice Chair - TBD
Chair - Tom Dreyer
Past Chair - Christopher Ursu
Ambassador - Andre Lalonde
Treasurer - Lorelie DeRoose

Vice Chair - TBD
Chair - TBD (previous term Vice-Chair)
Past Chair - Tom Dreyer
Ambassador - TBD
Treasurer - Lorelie DeRoose

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