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SLUG Handbook

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:23 am

Welcome to the Saskatchewan LEGO®️ Users Group!

We are a group of adult (18+) builders who strive to provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for AFOL’s across Saskatchewan to meet and exchange creative building ideas.

SLUG was established in the summer of 2009 after a chance meeting of a few like-minded LEGO®️ fans.  Since then, we have slowly grown to include all types of LEGO®️ builders!  Our members build everything from Mosaics to trains, gear-driven vehicles to small vignettes, and Medieval to Steampunk!  Whatever themes you enjoy, you’ll be able to find a kindred spirit among our members.

Our Board

To help run the various aspects of our group, we have a Board of Members: our Chair, Vice-Chair and Past-Chair, our Ambassador who is our connection to the LEGO®️ Group (TLG) and our Treasurer who looks after our group funds.  This group meets regularly to discuss the groups function, plans and changes.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, our election process begins in July.  We will make a call for nominations for open positions and anyone with at least one-year of Membership is eligible for consideration.

Nominees will be introduced at our Annual General Meeting in the summer, and a vote will be held by the Membership present to elect new Board members!  If there is only one nominee for a position, they win by acclimation!


As a member of SLUG, you are encouraged to attend any of our shows and meetings.  You are welcome to take part in as much as possible to be a part of our local LEGO®️ community!

Some of our Members have been building for years and some are new (or newly returned) to the hobby.  Whatever you build, we’d love to see it!  Bring it out to a meeting or an event to show off what you can do!

If you’re looking to find a new trick or technique, we have a number of talented builders in our group!  The best way to become a better building is to learn from one another.  If there’s something you’d like to know more about, ASK!  Someone will be able to show you, or direct you to another member who could help you out!

We also have an online forum (that we share with the LUG in Manitoba) where we have additional information about the group’s activities, discussions and plans.  Check in from time to time and join in on the conversation!

If you know of someone who would be interested in joining the group, bring them to a meeting or show!  We suggest that possible new members should talk with a current member about the group and its activities to see if it’s a good fit for them!

As a Member, if you are interested in a SLUG Brick Badge (which are worn by many Members at various Events), please contact Adam via the SLUG email. These bricks are often ordered twice during the year on a as-needed basis. There is a $5 cost for a personalized badge.

As well, if you are interested apparel embroidered with our SLUG logo, please contact Chris via the SLUG email. You provide the piece of apparel and Chris will have it completed by an apparel shop in Estevan. These too are done on a as-needed basis.


As a group, we like to get together at least once a month to discuss group activities, LEGO®️-related news, share creations, and run set drafts*.  These meetings are in no way mandatory, but they are a lot of fun and a good way to get to know the other Members in our community!

Some of our meetings are held during shows or events that take place in certain cities.  These are often held in the evening after a day of the event.  Other meetings are held on weekends.  These are often held in either Regina or Saskatoon and done so to encourage interaction between members in separate cities.  We encourage those unable to make the trip to meet together locally to discuss any notes or information.  Finally, we will often meet on an evening during the week.  This was initially established for those who work or are busy on the weekends to make those meetings, but it has grown into an opportunity to see each other more often and connect with the community.

Watch the website for our meeting schedule.  If you are willing to host a meeting, don’t be afraid to speak up!  It’s great to visit other Members building spaces.

Our Annual General Meeting is a special meeting usually held during our summer showcase, BRICKSPO, in July.  During the meeting we go over more formal aspects in regards to the group like finances, elections and group reports.

Agendas for every meeting are posted on our forum around a week prior to a Meeting.  If you can’t make it to a meeting, the minutes of what was discussed are also posted to the forum within a few days of the meeting.


We show off our creations at many different Train, Hobby and Interest shows across the province each year.  Most are shows we’ve been attending for years, but new opportunities happen all the time!  They are a great way for our group to showcase our builds!  Be sure to keep an eye on our website for a current list and dates of this each year’s shows, and plan on coming to as many as you can!

All creations are welcome at any show regardless of their theme (train, car, etc.)

For each event we take part in, we require someone from the group to help us coordinate it!  If you are interested in becoming a Show Coordinator, please let someone know!  Our Show Coordinator help to organize our participation in an event.  Here is what they are responsible for:

- RSVP-ing to the event on behalf of the group, ensuring that the Google doc is being utilized by RSVPing members

- being the first on site for the set-up of our area

- organizing where creations and layouts will be set up in our area

- handing out support bricks to members for showing (1 bag / day).

- taking pictures of the creations and layouts and emailing the pictures to Adam for our flickr page and the website

- being present for the take-down of our area at the end of the event

- ensuring there is a contact person on site at all times and that sufficient number of members will be at the show during public hours

To encourage our members to attend more events, we hand out packs of bricks directly from LEGO®️!  For showing your creations at an event, you'll receive a bag!  For hanging out at an event, you'll get a bag!    

We also have a travel bursary program to help you attend more events.  Once a year, each member may request up to $50 to help attend a show outside of their home area.  These funds will be given after you’ve attended and have shown your creations.  Please read the 'Travel Bursary' thread for more information.

SLUG Challenges

To encourage people to grow in their building techniques and maybe build out of their comfort zone, we hold building challenges throughout the year.  These are announced well beforehand, displayed at a show and voted on by the public visitors of the show.

The Chris Workman Memorial Cup* or ‘Tanklin’ is handed out to the winner of the SLUG Challenge.  This occurs twice a year, at shows held in in Saskatoon (fall) and Regina (spring).  A trophy was named in honour of Chris Workman, a member we lost in 2014.  Chris was an avid Techinc builder and collector.

The SLUGCraft Plaque* is awarded to the winner of the SLUGCraft Challenge.  This challenges is held during Brickery, our show in Estevan.

*Both trophies are passed from victor to victor with names being added along the way.

The BRICKSPO Challenge began at BRICKSPO 2018 as a community building challenge, open to all attendees of the show.  The BRICKSPO Cup is awarded to the winner but remains in the province.

A small keeper trophy is also given to the winner of each challenge to commemorate their victory!  You can check the website for past challenge themes and winners under the Hall of Fame tab!

Ideas for future challenges are always welcome!  Check out the discussion thread on the forum for suggested ideas and to add your own!


We first held BRICKSPO, our first stand-alone showcase, in the summer of 2012.  Over the years, the show has displayed some amazing creations built by members and some invited out-of-province guests.  Our two-day public show has been visited and viewed by thousands of visitors!

The show shares many characteristics to a large LEGO®️ convention with things like games, challenges, awards and collaborations.  We also provide many freebie sets, bricks and gifts for those taking part in the show!  The show is organized into building themes with each theme being lead by a coordinator.

Our weekend show takes place at the Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw during the latter half of July each year.  Confirmed dates will be posted on our website!


Established in 2016, Brickery is our second stand-alone show.  Held in Estevan in the late fall, we are hoping to grow the show to a similar level to BRICKSPO with events, challenges and more.

As with BRICKSPO, the show is set up by theme, and is home to the SLUGCraft Challenge.  It also hosts a number of kids contests.

Locations and dates for either show are subject to change, so please keep an eye on the website for more information!  Separate pages will be devoted to each show as they come closer.


From time-to-time we work with other groups (LUG’s or community organizations) on our events or those that they run.  These relationships have proven beneficial for both groups and help in getting our creations and talents seen by the community.

These partnerships have taken many forms over the years, from workshops (held by us or them), information booths or building projects.

We are open to having different relationships with community!  We do ask that outside organizations participating in events hosted by SLUG should be primarily focused on LEGO®️ / building.  They should also be in agreement with SLUG’s mission statement of providing an encouraging environment for the exchange of ideas.

Relationship with LEGO®️

Being a RLUG, we have a good relationship with LEGO®️ through our North American LUG Coordinator Paul Striefler.  As such, we are given support materials from the company to assist on our group operation.  These come in the form of bags from sets, boxed sets and bulk purchasing opportunities.  These are shared with Members in different ways:

Support Bags – we’ll often hand out a bag (1) to each member when they attend a meeting, and two (2) when they attend and show creations at an event!

Support Sets – these are used as giveaways for SLUG challenge voters or are held until BRICKSPO and Brickery so that everyone who takes part will go home with something awesome!

LUGBulk – read about it below


LEGO®️ recognizes that each time we take our creations to an event, it’s like free advertising for them.  In turn, they give us the opportunity to purchase elements in bulk, which then allows us to build bigger and better displays!  We see this as a very unique opportunity, so there are some special considerations around it.

As the program is intended for bigger and better public displays, we require that a member who wishes to take part in the program both attend and show creations at two (2) shows.  This will give you the opportunity to purchase elements chosen for the order.

To be able to choose the elements on the order, we require that members take part in a further three (3) ‘events’, be they shows, meetings or our group challenges.

So, for full participation in the program, you will have taken part in five (5) SLUG 'events' (2 shows + 3 other things).

The sign-ups for the program occur each November, so the requirements above need to be met by that time.  Members must complete the sign-up process in full (initial email and confirmation) to be signed up for the program.  During December and January, elements are chosen and the order is submitted.  The elements arrive sometime the following fall.  It is a long process, but it’s worth it!

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Re: SLUG Handbook

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:42 pm

A physical copy of the SLUG Handbook will be made available upon request. Very Happy

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