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MBLug Sumo Competition

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MBLug Sumo Competition Empty MBLug Sumo Competition

Post by ManitobaMoe Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:30 pm

As part of the Winkler Toy and Hobby show, Manitoba Lego Users Group will be hosting a NXT/EV3 Sumo competition.

Rules are subject to change but will be based on the following:

Height = unlimited
Length + Width cannot exceed 20"
Weight = 1,000 g max
Ring is 40" diameter with a 2" white boarder, black center

-Robots must be made out of stock Lego pieces. No adhesives of any kind can be used on the robots to hold them together.
-Robot travels inside a 40" round ring which is paint black except for the outer 2" which is white. When it sees the white outer ringer, in needs to change course and head off in another direction.
-These are pusher bots and no weapons are allowed other than ramps
-To start, robots are placed back to back and then activated.
-Robots must be autonomous and cannot recieve any external signals or directions (human, machine, or otherwise).
-Robot operation must begin automatically no less than five seconds after being started by the user.

If you are interested in competing, please message me here or email me.



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