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RLUG visit to Billund

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RLUG visit to Billund Empty RLUG visit to Billund

Post by adamsonofwilliam Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:56 pm

Have you ever thought of visiting the 'homeland' of the brick?

For years, I have heard / seen pictures / missed the boat on the annual ticket sales for the limited visits to the Factory Tour (in which you travel to Billund, stay at Legoland, visit the moulding factory, talk to designers and builders, tour the Lego house, and all sorts of other cool stuff, PLUS exclusives and 'freebies'). The cost of this experience is / was somewhere around $2400 USD from what I know, but man what a show it would be.

As of the other day, the opportunity for RLUG's to visit Billund and take the tour has surfaced on the LAN topic feed. This opportunity is open to us in a way different than the regular visits in that it would be available at 'anytime', rather than the set-aside times for the public tour. It would seem that that is the support given to RLUG's about the opportunity as there seems to be no mention of cost coverage for transportation or the tour.

Up to 12 members are able to attend the tour at a time with the same RLUG can max. organize a visit every third year. For an 'RLUG Planned Visit' (as there are options for 'Business Related Visits') the activities available (based on availability) would be:
- Guided tour of the moulding factory
- Visit to the Employee store (very good pricing and discounts from what I've heard)
- Guided tour of the Ideas House
- 1 meal provided by the CEE team
- Presentation by a Designer "or similar"

That's a fair bit of the jist of the information. As you can see, no word on cost, accommodation, etc. To schedule such a thing we would have to go through Kevin, (6 months prior to the visit) so I'm sure those sorts of details would be worked out with him.

Not that I'm hoping to set a date or anything, but this is a good idea to keep on the books for the time being. Keep it in mind.

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RLUG visit to Billund Empty Re: RLUG visit to Billund

Post by ManitobaMoe Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:27 am

I have always wanted to go but the trip that costs 2400 usd does not include flight so it has always been just out of reach. Very interested!!


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