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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:18 pm

After we have a meeting I send out a quick synopsis of what was discussed. This is a chance for everyone to catch up on what was discussed and add their two cents if they were not able to attend. However, these tend to go by the wayside after a while and sometimes what was talked about gets lost. So, from now on I'll copy each email onto this thread to a) keep a record of our meetings, and b) give an opportunity to look back on things previously talked about.

No need to comment on here about each meeting as that can be done through the original email thread or on the topics already on here.

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:21 pm

Meeting notes from February 2016:

Meeting Schedule:
- Sat. March 19th (after the MJ Train Show) - at show / after show in MJ
- Tues. April 19th, Regina (Wes'), S'toon (Andre's) and Estevan (Jill's)
- mentioned moving the May 21st meeting (Saskatoon) to the 14th due to the Victoria Day long weekend.

Stadium Build:
- Scott tweaking scale of stands
- double-check in near future who is still in
- should get together to focus on project
- Grand opening of actual stadium: June 2017

- Moose Jaw Train Show - March 19th - 20th (Adam lead, RSVP'd)
- P.A. Hobby Show - April 2nd - 3rd (Caleb lead, RSVP'd)
- Majestics - April 11th - 12th (David lead, RSVP'd???)

- Saskatoon - Feb 2017 - Mini Boomtown... details to follow

- We're receiving a great deal from LEGO, some with strings attached, but most not. Will distribute according to present plan and save sets for the big show.

- ordered, invoice pending, deposits welcome

- everything in track so far
- t-shirt idea in the works for both participants and public
- vendors / sponsorship possibilities to look at

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:51 pm

Meeting notes from March 2016:

1) A welcome to both Adele and Joel to the group, both from the budding metropolis that is Moose Jaw!

2) Our meeting schedule hasn’t changed all that much and can be found on the website:

3) Stadium Build – Another evening of trial and error has taken place with the roof supports starting to take shape via plate over the original technic. Further evenings and explorations are needed to continue the project.

4) Our events continue as the year progresses:

- Prince Albert on Apr. 2 – 3*. If you’re interested in sending something up to be shown; (S. of Craik) hand it off to Adam or Wes, (N. of Craik) give it to Caleb or Andre. If you're interested in come along, the more the merrier!

- We’re go for the Majestics on April 16 – 17**. We can begin our set up at 9am on the 15th.

- Future Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser Show still in the works. I think we’re interested pending time / date. Waylon is the contact.

- There will be NO Regina Train Show in the fall as they are unable to find a suitable / economical space in the city

- the above was good information to hear when thinking about the possibility of our own stand-alone show, ie: cost, availability, hidden costs / etc. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to ‘replace’ the Regina Train Show with a partnered show (Habitat / RPL) to cut down on cost / organization to start and go from there.

- Andre will look at the possibility of the D0ragon Car Show held in Saskatoon during the Easter weekend (for next year)

5) Bulk order is still processing. Deposit payments still accepted.

6) BRICKSPO is ~ 124 days away. RSVP forms to be sent out in mid-April (group) and early-May (visitors). WDM still making posters and we’ll meet with them in May. We’ll have to pepper MJ with posters this year as (last year) we realized the WDM was not doing this for us. As such, we’ll be asking for a different revenue-share ratio this year to reflect the work we put into the show. For other show updates, please check the forum or the website

* - changed date to deal with TLG support package
** - changed to proper date ‘cause I took a shot when it was originally posted last year.


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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:15 pm

Meeting notes from April 19th:

Meeting Schedule
- Saturday, May 14th in Saskatoon (host?)
- Monday, June 20th: Regina (Nicole), S'toon (______), Estevan (Chris / Jill's?)
- Sunday, July 24th: SLUG AGM @ BRICKSPO, starting at 8:30 am

Portions have been figured out. Plans to make a 1/4 section then sort out brick amounts from there. As soon as we know numbers we can use the LEGO ordering system to figure out cost, get that to those paying for it and finalize a plan.

Still no invoice. Money has started to be collected: over $2000 so far.

~95 days away! RSVP's sent out to group (Apr 13th) and will be sent out to others by end of month. Please RSVP by June 18th. 9 members officially RSVP'd so far; if you don't RSVP then there won't be freebie stuff there for you.

We have a poster from the WDM; not quite pleased with it and will discuss that with them at meeting in May (Adam and Trent going).

Theme info due from coordinators May 21st.

Charity auction will be happening again this year with many items to be auctioned and our charity TBD:

Check forum and BRICKSPO site for updates:

T-Shirt Design
Looking for two (2) designs: one for the public ("Future SLUGger", "I <3 SLUG", etc.), one for BRICKSPO (5th year!). Submit those to between May 1st - 31st. Entries will be voted on by membership during first week of June. Order will be placed soon after. We'll have a booth for public shirt sales at the show; BRICKSPO shirts are for attendees. Can't do the LEGO logo on either shirt.

SLUG Shirts
Looked into a possible cost adjustment for having the embroidered SLUG logo printed in grayscale for those who want a different look. Contacted Sunset Embroidery and there is no extra cost to change the colours in that way.

New Estevan Show
Discussed the idea of changing the venue of the Estevan Show. Waylon has been in contact with the Southeast Regional Library in hopes of partnering with them for a show. The possibility looks promising at this stage. Waylon and Christopher will meet with the Library Coordinator this next week. We also discussed what to name the Estevan Show in the event that we are able to change the venue and we came up with Brickery: A Lego Gallery. We are hoping to be able to arrange it at the same time of year (in late November).

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Sat May 14, 2016 11:32 pm

Meeting notes from May 14th

Meeting Schedule
(local) Monday, June 20th, Regina (Nicole), Saskatoon (TBD), Estevan (Ursu's?)
(AGM) Saturday, July 24th at BRICKSPO, 830am
(Summer) Saturday, August 20th at Karen's
   - a challenge has been issued for the meeting at Karen's of a rubber-band boat race.  More info to follow I'm sure.

Stadium Build
Still progressing, 1/4 section to be built for piece-determining purposes

Still awaiting invoice from LEGO, ~$2500 deposited so far
When arrived, after sorting, all extras will be kept to deal with any shortfalls, then dealt with (support, auction, handed out) after that.

AFOL Shopping Day
Sunday June 5th, requires VIP card and sticker, thoughts of a carpooling trip to Winnipeg mentioned.  Shopping Days

School Interaction
Contacted by a gr.1 class at Hawryluk in Regina, Karen spent ~ 1 'genius' hour with 4 students with short attention spans, "I'd love to do it again" she says!

July 2nd-3rd, small Anime show in Regina, during the month of BRICKSPO so good to go for at least exposure / advertising, cost: $25 per table + 2 passes.
Will RSVP soon.

Maker Faire-ish event held at the Science Center on October 8th, registration in September, more to come later.

Stand-Alone Show
Continuing discussion of a possible stand-alone show, like BRICKSPO but smaller, in Regina and / or Saskatoon and / or Estevan.  Try to use connections to find space (example: Jim, would Balfour work?) to cut costs, which would be funded by BRICKSPO revenue.
Andre to look at WDM Ballroom cost.
Chris and Waylon investigating Estevan area.

July 22-24
RSVP's sent out and due in by June 18th for full registration
Theme info by coordinators due in by May 21st
Invite will be sent out to neighbouring LUG's this week
Will look into local accommodations this week to determine possibility.

Meeting with Kathy at WDM:
get to keep same hours, use of Sask Hall and AFOL evening space, etc.
Gain more tables, a 50/50 share (instead of 60/40) and they changed image on the poster to one more befitting what we can do
Decided upon auction recipient as being the WDM Short-line Railroad as it is in need of repair and will not be running during our event.  It should be a nice 'give back' to the museum after hosting us for the past 4+ years and now being on equal footing for the show.

T-shirt design Contest
Running all month, needing 2 designs: one for a public, one for attendees.  Email submissions with which design in the subject to

Minecraft Bricks
Determined that these should be used as giveaway bags at BRICKSPO

Collectible German Soccer Figs
Andre is planning to buy a box (~$400 + s/h) to get a full set of 16, would only do so if there's enough interest to cover the remaining cost (~$8-10 / fig), there was at the meeting so he's going ahead with it.

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:03 pm

Meeting Notes from June 20th (Regina edition)

Meeting Schedule
Sunday, July 24th, SLUG AGM @ BRICKSPO, starting at 8:30 am
Saturday, August 20th, pool party @ Karen’s! --> rubber band boat challenge… info to follow
Thursday, Sept. 15th, Regina (TBD), S’toon (TBD), Estevan (TBD)

Stadium Build
Determining brick types / amounts
Wes is going to touch base with our contact (re: financing, etc.)

... still waiting.

July 2nd – 3rd at Argyle Park / Englewood Community Center in Regina, set up on the 1st
more Anime-based, but other creations would be appropriate
RSVP’d for 2 tables, (3 passes): Colby, Adam and __________.

Stand-Alone Show
Something to replace the fall Train Show in Regina, like BRICKSPO but a bit smaller
use connections to find space?
cost: space, advertising, tables? (covered by BRICKSPO revenue)
Chris and Waylon investigating something similar to replace Craft Show in Estevan (?) (December)
Andre investigating WDM Ballroom

July 22nd – 24th, 2016
31 people RSVP’d
Please fill in MOC’s in the google-doc for planning purposes and display cards
Kids Contest Registration is now live: 7 participants
Accommodation information: message Trevor
Scheduled to appear on CTV Morning Live on July 4th and July 22nd, News at Noon on July 20th

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:51 pm

Notes from the AGM, held July 24th, 2016 @ BRICKSPO
- currently sitting at 37 active members

Shows and Events
- group is taking part in ~11 shows

- introduced different table layout / mapping for the 2015-2016 show year
- keep with the one-table themed display for the 2016-2017 show year

Club Duties
- Adam is currently doing a number of things, but will pass on various duties to others as of Dec 31st
- more people doing more things for the group will promote more ownership of the group itself
- list of duties can be found in the SLUG Duties thread here:

- for the 2017 program
- stick with the ‘4 events’ for element choosing stipulation
- hold back all overages to account for element shortfalls
- give a set time to check orders to determine shortfalls
- distribution of overages to be determined.
ex.  overages of large pieces (baseplates, etc.):  hold for BRICKSPO auction
ex.  those who bought elements have 1st chance to buy the remainders
- google doc vote to determine -> set up by Chris or Jim
- sorting to be done in a large, workable space: Adam’s school, etc.
- introduce the use of scales to calculate number of elements
- revisit bulk each year as group numbers grow

- date set as last weekend in July, 28th – 30th
- discuss good / bad of 2016 at August 20th meeting
- new head coordinator (Adam is making a how-to booklet)
- accommodation set up was a good idea for travelling participants (Chris A. thanked group)

Alternate Show in Estevan
- Waylon and Chris looking into show partnered with library
- used to replace Craft Show (more space, more focus)
- financial support needed- $100-$150   Okayed by group
- Estevan Art Gallery 2018 theme of ‘Play’ – opportunity for a long-term display

Alternate Show in Saskatoon
- Andre looking at venues

Alternate Show in Regina
- Wes looking at venues

Shirt Embroidery
- cost for large logo up to ~ $12
- cost for small logo ~ $8
- get piece of clothing and cost to Chris

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:23 pm

Meeting notes from August 20th meeting

Meeting Schedule

Thurs., Sept 15th (local); Sat. Oct. 15th (Regina); Tues., Nov. 15th (local); Sat. Dec. 17th (Saskatoon)

Stadium Build

Program on hold, but will plan for when the program resumes in January

Bulk order

Paid. Awaiting it's arrival.


Things that went well: bringing in Hayley (Ow! My Foot), shirts for sale, do not touch signs
Things to improve on: lighting (our own?), 1 draft
Things for next year: more channels for advertising, Wacky Race and Jousting explanation posters, scavenger hunt, orientation area for events, public events, set photo time and location early, live auction, move AGM to allow for more discussion time w/ agenda ahead of time, Mini golf collab

Saskatoon Comic Expo

Sept 17th and 18th, three display tables and build area, Caleb leading.
Discussed getting into the Regina Fan Expo for next year.


Online contest hosted on flickr this past March, hosted by the group, Trent, Adam and Waylon ran and judged, 36 entries from 96 group members, prize and shipping to winner < $100, will run next year. Will use more social media to get the word out.

The Brickery

Stand alone event held in Estevan, Sat., Nov. 26th, any theme and every theme, Waylon leading. SLUG Craft Challenge at the show: build 'something crafty'

Brickcan Event Kit

Contacted by Ley, they are looking for ideas; build a small, playable set with a Canadian theme, 200-250 fairly available elements. Don't post images online. Should we turn this into our Fall SLUG Challenge to be voted on by the public at the Geek Summit (Oct.)?


We've been avoiding formalizing the group, but due to group growth and BRICKSPO revenue, it might be the time.
Sat down with our legal council to get info on incorporation: similar to what we've already been doing; events, meetings, etc. just with more accountability.
Would require a 'board': Chair (1 yr), Past-Chair (1 yr, to advise Chair), Vice-Chair (1 yr, will become Chair), Treasurer, Ambassador (2 yr term)
Cost is less than $100.
Would require 'dues' from members, would help to define a member of the group which would help towards things like Bulk, voting, etc. Use dues toward bulk or return a bit at each event, TBD.
Process right now:
1. bring the idea to our current members (at the last meeting and right now)
2. hear out any issues that people have in doing this (to be heard at the next 'local' meetings)
3. if a go, determine board members by volunteerism and vote (likely) (between Sept meeting and October meeting)
4. board would then meet to draft bylaws, roles, etc. (between October and Nov. meetings)
5. formally register the group (by the end of the year)

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:30 pm

Meeting notes for September 15th (local)

1. Meeting Schedule
October 15th (Regina – Sharif’s place possibly)
November 15th (local)
December 17th (Saskatoon – Andre’s)

2. Stadium Build
Still on hold in regards to both building and ordering.
Small thought was brought up about doing a Micro Stadium ‘set’, could be mass-produced as a ‘set’ and given away / sold / whatnot.

3. Bulk Order
Now word on arrival date, but it is coming…

4. Saskatoon Comic Expo
September 17th – 18th. Caleb is leading and those attending should RSVP to him. Set up is on Friday.
3 tables for display, a play area. We’ll be hosting our 16th Challenge there: Brickcan Set.

5. Ignite Maker Fair
Saturday Oct. 8th at the Science Center in Regina from 845 – 6.
$25 registration fee which covers 3 passes, 1 table and lunch (and unlimited coffee too I think)
Enough interest locally to warrant our participation: Ray J., Trevor, _________
Tim is attending under Timbrix, said he would share his passes if need be.

We’ve received our funds from the show, and the account is sitting around the $13,000 mark.
Paid back Trevor for his Trailer booking shortfall.
Fund raised through the Minifigure Sales at the show have been used to purchase sets which will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

7. Creations for Charity
Online fundraiser through Bricklink.
Encourage everyone to a) donate MOC’s for the sale, and/or b) consider purchasing MOC’s from the sale.
Money raised is split amount a number of communities. This year Regina was tagged to receive ~ $1000 - $2000 USD to purchase sets, Adam was asked to coordinate.
In talks to purchase sets through Zippity Zoom, but require funds to do so. Asked to ‘borrow’ club funds to cover cost, they repay once received from C4C. This was agreed to Thanks for this! – Adam

As posted, LEGO is tightening its rules with regards to the use of its IP. Full document is linked in this thread:
Adam will email Paul for further clarification regarding our current use and possible changes / limitations with incorporation .

9. Incorporation
No issues were raised, and our vote overall was 20 for, 0 against, 1 abstain.
5 directors will need to be filled. It was discussed to go with Chair, Vice-chair, Past Chair, Treasurer and Ambassador postings. It was also discussed that these member should be representative of our current regions, with respect to Regina, Saskatoon and @ large (representing Estevan (3), Moose Jaw (2+), etc.)
We have 2 positions filled and 2 more volunteered. We will continue the conversation here:

10. The Brickery
November 26th in Estevan.
Like a mini-BRICKSPO.
Details will be forthcoming out of Estevan soon.

11. STEAM Festival
Brought up by Jim, this 3-day event (May 18th – 20th) would be occurring during the National Science Fair.
We would need to create an interactive display / workshop for 15 – 20 kids, grades 5 – 12.
Thoughts went to GBC modules and portions of a larger mosaic.

Event focus
Brought up at the Estevan meeting was the idea of reviewing which shows / events we are taking part in, and checking for new opportunities, removing redundancies, value vs. time / effort, etc.

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:40 am

Meeting notes from October 15th

Meeting Schedule
- Tuesday, November 15th (local): Moose Jaw @ Adele’s, Saskatoon @ Andre’s, Estevan @ Chris’

Stadium Build
- still where it has been for a while.

- Progress!
- From LEGO: “Please be informed that your LUGBULK order is being transported now from the warehouse to the shipping department.  I cannot give you an ETA but it will be delivered in the days to come.”

- 7 members took part in the 3rd annual show
- 524 visitors came through the show

Creations for Charity
- store is now open to purchase MOC’s:{"showHomeItems":1}
- still time to donate MOC’s for the fundraiser
- sets for our area have been purchased through Zippity Zoom and should be arriving later in the month

- November 26th in Estevan, 10am – 5pm (set up in the morning)
- Everyone is encouraged to bring a decoration for a Christmas tree.*
- SLUG Craft Challenge: Build something ‘crafty’!  Must fit on a 32x32 baseplate, must be titled and contain the word ‘crafty’
- Ray has offered to bring the Wacky Race track, so bring a racer if you want to
- Adam will bring the 9v Jousting set-up to run that as well.  No holds barred jousters!
- Adam can also bring the public bricks if a play area is wanted?

December Meeting
- Saturday, December 17th in Saskatoon @ Andre’s
- Gift exchange: bring a wrapped MOC of ~100 elements to be opened / stolen

Festival of Trees Fundraiser
- brought forward by Andre
- auction off trees to benefit the Hospitals of Saskatoon (first week of December @ the WDM)
- SLUG will contribute small tree and lights.  Donations of decorations for the tree welcome: * Brickery can be used as a collection point (Caleb).
- Need ideas?  Check out Chris McVeigh’s work here:

LEGO IP Guidelines
Confirmation from Paul about our name / logo / situation:
1.)    You certainly can tell them what SLUG stands for and this should be the most prominent way to address yourselves. The description of “Saskatchewan Lego Users Group” is what we are asking that be less prominent and only used as a description of your user group.
2.)    If you are to incorporate yourself, it would have to be as SLUG and you can use the long name as a descriptor.
3.)    I would not register as a number as it will just add too much confusion.
4.)    Your logo looks fine to me and doesn’t appear to have any infringements.

- We have until the beginning of 2018 to make all changes
- Things we’ll have to change for sure:
o our website domain  -
o our banner and business cards

Board consists of:
- Chris U. (Chair)
- Tom D. (Vice)
- Adam D. (Past)
- Andre L. (Ambass.)
- Lorelie D. (Tres.)
- The board will now being the discussion on drafting of bylaws (listing things we’ve already been doing, adding dues as required, etc.), sharing of responsibilities, etc.  Was given a few addendum's at the meeting, other ideas / suggestion welcome.
- Once a draft has been made, it will be shared with group for discussion and finalizing.
- Forms will be filled out for the incorporation process and filed by the end of the year.

Canada 150
- Jim has planned out the building of a map of the country to coincide with the 150th anniversary
- Idea being: a topographical map with micro-built landmarks to be placed across the country
- Adam is going to apply for Canada 150 Grant to cover materials, participation and possible transportation costs.
- Project would require builders and possible part donation.
- Read more about it here:

Train Show planning
- Saskatoon show dates: February 25-26 (Caleb as temp. coordinator)
- Caleb and Andre are in works for a micro-Boomtown, to be planned at the show for the 2018 Train Show
- Site of our 17th SLUG Challenge: kinetic build.  Build something that is geared to move when hooked up to a medium motor (will be at the show).  Please have a techinc axle through the center hole of a 1x4 techinc brick for hook-up.
- Moose Jaw show dates: March 18-19 (requires coordinator)
- For planning of layout tables, please discuss and claim on google doc:

- Ray J. is going to contact the Rick Mercer Report (CBC) to see if they would be interested to come out for the show
- possible additional award: Best Collaboration
- possible new theme: Mini-doll area[/b]

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:08 am

Notes from November 15th local meetings

Meeting Schedule
- keep an eye on the website for schedule -

Stadium Build
- sent an email to see if anyone wanted to take the lead on the project: no takers
- Wes met with Riders who are still keen on the idea, but will require a detailed list of all materials needed and their cost before signing off on it
- this will require a scratch-built base so the project can be moved at ease (ex: forklift compatible bottom)
- MJ local Sharif expressed interest in continuing where Scott and Trent left off

Canada Map Project
- Jim and Adam built a few sections of the map and have since edited the plans for the project to make building it more accessible
- 8 people currently signed on to take part in the build (please RSVP by email or on forum if you're interested)
- map portions will be distributed soon

- Coming up on November 26th: 10am - 5pm with set-up time allowed in the morning
- everyone is encouraged to bring a decoration for a tree
- SLUGcraft challenge: build something Crafty

Festival of Trees in Saskatoon
- we've missed the date to take part
- plan for next year?

December Meeting
- held at Andre's in Saskatoon, December 17th
- bring a ~100 element build, wrapped, for a gift exchange
- make into a potluck?
- there will be games!  Prizes!!  Fun!!!

- the Board is working on Constitution and further details around incorporation
- finished documents will be presented at December meeting
- further ideas welcome

Show Schedule
- keep an eye on the website for schedule -

Saskatoon Train Show
- Caleb has our RSVP and will be submitting it on our behalf
- two 1-club table displays planned
- one 2-club table display planned
- WDM tables will be requested for stand-alone displays (2?), the Canada 150 map (2), and the SLUG Challenge (1?)
- SLUG Challenge: Kinetic Build - build something, 32x32 baseplate or less, that when attached to a medium motor will move

- registration now open!
- April 20th - 23rd
- a number of us are planning on going, more welcome
- transportation and accommodation will be sorted out

- Ray M, Scott and Trent co-Head Coordinators this year
- July 21st - 23rd

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:30 pm

Meeting from December 17th

Meeting Schedule
- Wednesday, January 18th (local)
- Saturday, February 25th (Saskatoon - Train Show)
- Saturday, March 25th (Moose Jaw – Train Show)
- Thursday, April 19th (local)

Stadium Build
- Sharif has agreed to take on the project and will meet with Trent and Scott to see progress so far
- Anyone able to help with the planning process still welcome!

Creations for Charity
- The fundraiser was able to raise $13,887 USD! $1000 USD (~$1280 CAD) was sent to our region and used to pay back the group for the sets purchased earlier in the Fall
- Adam delivered 90 sets to three different groups: The Rainbow Youth Centre (Regina), the Circle Project (Regina) and the Ronald McDonald House (Saskatoon)
- Thank you for the use of the funds!

Bulk 2017
- We have 22 participants this year
- List has been sent out to participants as well as a review of both TLG and SLUG rules

Canada 150 – our project!
- Map sections are now all accounted for!
- First showing will be at the Saskatoon Train Show (2 WDM tables req.), all sections and mini-builds due at that time
- 17 participants form the group are taking part in the project
- Contacted by the Grant Board for more information regarding the project – sounds promising! Should hear back from them in January

Canada 150 – another project
- Brickman Graeme’s online builds
- 3 per week for a total of 150 builds over the course of the year!
- Site and list available online – a good way to get your work online and seen
- See forum thread for more info:

- Finalizing information required by us for Incorporation.
- Decided upon our ‘fiscal year’ to be April, aiming to be Incorporated by this time
- Continuing work on Constitution and Bylaws for review to be ready by date of Incorporation
- Constitution - the framework of the group (to be posted on forum)
- Bylaws - the details of what we do (this will be in handout form and posted on forum)

Show Schedule
- Saskatoon Train Show - February 25 – 26 - Caleb lead
- Moose Jaw Train Show – March 25 – 26 - Adam lead
- P.A. Hobby Show – early April - ??? lead
- Majestic’s Car Show – mid-April - Daivd lead
- Regina Train Show – May 5 - 6 - ??? lead

Saskatoon Train Show
- Caleb leading, will be RSVPing soon
- Currently planning for two 1-club table layouts and one 2-club table layout.
- Other WDM tables will be available for stand-alone displays (2-3), Canada 150 map (2) and SLUG Challenge (2?)
- SLUG Challenge: Kinetic Build – build something (fit on a 32x32 baseplate, no height limit) that when attached to a medium PF motor it will move

Group Challenges
- Saskatoon will be our 17th Challenge, there is room for 24 names on the Tanklin
- Do we retire the SLUG Challenges in favour of another idea after the 24th or keep going and make the trophy larger?
- SLUG Challenges are held 3 times a year at major show locations: Fall (usually Regina, Stoon in 2016), winter (Stoon train show), summer (BRICKSPO)
- Do we change and hold site-specific challenges (Brickery, BRICKSPO, etc.) with their own trophies?
- After 24th challenge, have Tanklin become the BRICKSPO Challenge trophy?
- Introduction of a 'Iron builder'-type challenge?
- Introduction of a 'Starfighter Telephone Game'-type non-challenge?

- April 20th – 23rd in Vancouver
- Registered: Ley, Jim, Kylee, Adam, Ray M, Jenn, Scott (current total is 100 of a maximum 250 attendees)
- Planning: Andre, Ray J.
- that makes for 8 people travelling (6 two-ways, 2 one-way (return))
- Hotel: one 2-queen room booked (Adam)
- Transportation: Adam willing to take van (4-ish ppl)

- Confirming dates with the WDM of July 22th - 23rd as the following weekend leads into the long weekend again
- Scott, Ray M. and Trent Head Coordinating this year

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Meeting Notes Empty Re: Meeting Notes

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:27 am

Notes for the January 18th local meetings

Stadium Build
- Sharif still needs to meet with Trent and Scott to see if the project is still viable

Bulk 2017
- Currently in individual pick process, until Jan 22
- decided more explanation of 'Shadow List' for newcomers was needed
- noticed that 'Shadow List' items that made it to the main list now have more people attached to them than when on the original 'Shadow List'; if process is repeated next year, the idea of an larger total to truly determine popular items may be needed
- and / or some sort of ranking system to determine the likelihood or purchasing 'Shadow List' items
- standard tie-breaking system also needs to be determined and agreed upon
- survey will be sent out after this year's order is made to gain feedback about process and future

Canada 150 Projects
- Canada Map project is coming together
- all elements need to be ready for the Saskatoon Train Show in February

- Brickman Graeme's 150 project has also begun
- involvement is a great way to have your work featured on a larger platform

- our Incorporated name is being check by the ISC
- forms will be prepared so that process can continue for Incorporation date of April 1st (no joke!)
- draft of Constitution will be available for group consultation

Show Schedule: Jan - May
- see website:

Saskatoon Show
- February 25-26
- Caleb has RSVP'd: 4 SLUG tables, 5 WDM tables
- 17th SLUG Challenge: Kinetic Build

Other Shows
- MJ Train Show - March 25-26, Adam lead, RSVP'd
- PA Hobby Show - April 5-6, need a lead, no registration yet
- Majestics Car Show - April, David lead, no registration yet
- Regina Railfest - May, Trent lead, no registration yet

Group Challenges
- Tanklin will continue to be used for 3-times-a-year SLUG Challenges
- trophy will be created for SLUGcraft Challenge at Brickery

- April 20-23
- current SLUGgers RSVP'd: Jim, Kylee, Adam, Scott, Ray M., Jenn, Andre, Adele, Wes, Ley, Flo
- rooms have been organized, just need to figure out transportation

- July 21-23
- Ray M., Trent and Scott leading

Bar night w/ MJ Pride
- sometime in March
- bring public bricks for an evening of drinks and building in Moose Jaw
- Adele current contact

- part of the STEAM event
- May 18, 19, 20
- provide something build-able for casual groups to do during the three days
- bridge-build challenge using the green and red 2x4's
- need to complete application to attend - Jim to provide

Engraved Bricks
- order of name badges and other bricks submitted in late December
- asked for them to be complete for early March

Contact info
- going to revive the SLUG phone list
- can do so on a google doc and / or the forum

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:25 am

Meeting notes from Feb 25th meeting

Meeting schedule
- dates on website
- try to ho;d a 'local' meeting during time of Saturday meetings for those unable to travel
ex: meeting in Saskatoon on the 25th, group in Estevan met together on the 24th as they were unable to make the trip

Bulk 2017 reflection
- survey results shared via email previously
- agreed that all members should sign-up regardless of intent to participate
- automatic sign-up by program lead; complete email to confirm; state intention to participate

Canada 150 projects
- our map looks AMAZING!
- thank you to everyone who built for it!
- Grant still TBD
- use of slanted board for display @ BRICKSPO

- online blog; think about building for it
- addresses to blog and list can be found here:

Incorporation - By-laws
- by-law draft sent out for review by email on Fri. 18th
- adding statement of holdings and funds to be the property of group and not any one member
- adding the idea of a by application travel bursary for members

Show schedule and Shows
- Moose Jaw RSVP'd
- Prince Albert will be RSVP'd with 5 tables @ $10 per table
- Majestics TBD
- Regina Railfest RSVP'd

- GO! It's going to be great!

- re-confirming the dates: MJ Tourism has it posted for the last weekend in July; WDM mentioned the second last weekend
- we will try to have it confirmed for the last weekend in July
- watch the website for more infomation

Other business

- will be changing the URL of the website this week
- there will be a temporary re-direct page in place

- we will have a booth at the Canada-wide Science Fair (STEAM), May 18th - 20th
- hours are Thurs. (18) 9-2, Fri. (19) 9-2, Sat. (20) 9-12
- alongside a table with moving displays, we will be presenting a bridge-building challenge for groups of 20 kids for 20-ish minutes all day, each day
- we need people available each day
- please make it known if you are able to assist here:

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Meeting Notes Empty Re: Meeting Notes

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:06 pm

Meeting notes from March 25th

Canada 150 Projects
- our Map has been shown once (Saskatoon)
- gov't funding still TBD
- will be leaving it at WDM in Moose Jaw for display between BRICKSPO and Brickery

- still time to take part in the online builds:

- SLUG Challenge #18 (for BRICKSPO) will have a Canadian theme, utilizing the list from the above site

- still on track to Incorporate during April
- Bylaws drafted and presented at February meetings
- Handbook drafted and presented at March meeting
- will be making an automatic 'photo release' as a condition of membership
- will be ordering new business cards
- will be looking into new (more compact) banners
- will be looking into the purchase of a 'club trailer', which will house tables, banners, show materials, etc. - used for club business only
- will be looking into the purchase of lights on stands to help illuminate our builds and layouts in darker spaces. - used for club business only

Show Schedule
- see website for current list:

Stadium Project
- still alive with Sharif and Adam taking lead
- more info to follow in late-spring

Canada-wide Science Fair
- arranged by Jim to have a booth at the event
- going to hold a building challenge for groups of 20 kids, 20 minutes at a time
- May 18th: 9-2; Sharif, _______
- May 19th: 9-2; Adam, _______
- May 20th: 9-12; Adam, _______
- please make a note here if you can help out:

- dates confirmed with the Museum for July 28th - 30th
- coordinator sign-ups welcome here:
- ideas welcome here:

Judging LEGO Contest
- Adam approached by Lumsden Library to judge a kid building contest by cannot make it
- Saturday, April 8th in the morning
- contact Adam if interested

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:26 pm

Meeting notes for April 18th 'local' meeting

Meeting Schedule
See the website for dates:

Canada 150 projects
- our project is still waiting confirmation for funding

- Graeme's project is still going, with 4 SLUG members published
- still time to take part:

- submitted paperwork with ISC last week; will await process and confirmation
- Bylaws and Handbook documents will be as-is (soon to be posted to the forum under 'Governance') until any changes are brought up at the AGM

Show Schedule
- See the website for dates:
- note: Majestics - still waiting on confirmation, but it's a 'go' until we hear otherwise

Canada-wide Science Fair
- May 18th - 20th at the UofR
- Sharif, Adam, Lorelie, Wes (tent.), Karen (tent.) and Adele (tent.) running the challenge and the area

SLUG Signage
- working on new business cards (group, BRICKSPO) through Vistaprint
- finalizing design
- need to work on new banner as well
- hopefully all ready well in time for BRICKSPO

- ~100 days away!
- info on Forum about coordinator sign-ups, ideas, etc.
- further information to follow

- both Wes and Ray M. have looked into availability and cost of a 'club' trailer
- trailer (5'x9' min.) would be used for club business; housing and transporting tables, materials, etc.
- committee to look into it includes: Wes, Ray M., ______

Engraved Brick Order
- our order from December arrived!
- those with name badges will receive theirs soon; cost was $5
- additional bricks will be handed out when able

SLUGCraft Plaque
- with the arrival of the Engraved bricks, we were able to create a Plaque for Brickery
- check it out on the Hall of Fame page:

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Sat May 13, 2017 9:15 am

Meeting notes from May 20th

- Karen has offered her place for the August meeting. Pool party and water building challenge awaits!

Canada 150
Map - we were unsuccessful in our grant proposal for the map. As such, we will continue showing the map through the year and everyone will receive their pieces back after Brickery. Going to try to get the map to Manitoba for one of their shows, perhaps even Edmonton for an AIMBOT show.
Online - keep building to be featured on Graeme's Canada Builds 150 blog! This is is also tied into our next SLUG challenge at BRICKSPO:

- all paperwork has been submitted, just waiting for them to be processed
- will consult with Flo about various incorporation aspects

- to be paid this week. Paying ~2 months before we did last year, so that might bode well for delivery
- will have e-transfered set up for next year's program

- we ran a bridge-building challenge at the Canada-wide Science Fair. Estimated 4000 people passed by our area with dozens of bridges built and tested. A big thank-you to Jim for getting us into the event!
- will launder the bricks at some time. pale

- new business cards for the group and for BRICKSPO to be ordered
- going to consult with Jim about new, roll-up banners. Hopefully they can be ready for BRICKSPO

- Ray M and Wes are looking into the purchase of a club trailer. Looking for something in the $3000-$3500 range. The trailer would hold a 'Show kit' that would have extension cords, business cards, signage, c-clamps, etc. for each show.
- Chris and Jill looked into black cloth table coverings. Looked at getting 50 for ~$500.

- lots of info to take a look at! Take a look so you'll be well informed about all the aspects of the show!

SLUG pins
- Adam and Jeff discussed the idea of SLUG push-pins to wear and to hand out / trade. Will keep looking into this

Hand-outs: Brickcan
- Ray M brought up the idea of having something SLUGgish we could hand out at shows like Brickcan. Not sure what yet, but the idea is out there...
- so is the truth

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Meeting Notes Empty Re: Meeting Notes

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:40 pm

Meeting notes from June local meeting

Meeting Schedule
- SLUG AGM will be held at BRICKSPO, Sunday morning starting at 8:30am sharp.
- the show opens at 9am, so we’ll attempt to keep things as short as possible.
- Saturday, August 19th – Karen has offered to host again for a day of family fun including a swimming in the pool, a pot luck supper, water build challenge (TBD) and late-evening fire pit. More details to follow.
- to encourage more attendance at our ‘meetings’, we will rebrand these get-togethers with something more positive and less work-related sounding. Stay tuned.

Canada 150
- the map will be travelling East this Sunday to be displayed in Toronto at Brickfete.
- no spot was able to be found in Ottawa for around Canada Day.
- it will return in time for BRICKSPO.
- it will hopefully be displayed at an AIMBOT event in the summer / fall.
- it will hopefully be displayed at an MBLUG event in the fall.
- it will see its final showing at Brickery on October 28th.

- we are now fully incorporated with a business number, etc.
- will check on an existing GST number
- Bylaws and Handbook have been adopted and are posted on the forum
- hard copies of the Handbook will be made available upon request
- changes to either document may be suggested at the AGM (see above)

- payment was made before TLG’s due date.
- almost all monies were collected by the time of payment with all parties (save one) now paid in full.
- unclaimed bricks will become the property of the group and will be dealt with at a future time.

SLUG signage
- business cards for both the group and for BRICKSPO have been made and are ready to be handed out.
- Caleb has offered to take a shot at designing a new banner which should be printed and ready for the beginning of next year’s show cycle.

- Ray has a lead on a trailer at a good cost and is authorized to make a purchase.
- Chris and Jill ordered and received tablecloths and storage for them at a reasonable price. 50 black cloth tablecloths will be used first at BRICKSPO.

Possible Shows
- we’ve been contacted by Otakupalooza to take part in their show again (Sept 9-10). Will gauge interest and see if anyone is willing to attend.
- also been contacted by the Queen City Anifest, a one-day event (Sept 30) at the UofR, Will gauge interest for this as well. Cost of $10 per table.

- RSVP deadline of the 18th has now passed with 38 people scheduled to attend
- RSVPs still welcome up to 50 attendees
- all Coordinator positions have now been filled
- most information for the show can be found on a) the forum, or b)
- Canadian Fallout Collab information will be made available soon by email and on fourm
- MOC card numbers will also be made available soon
- use the link to the MOC document to make sure room is made for your creations

What’s App
- Karen made the suggestion to include the What’s App app as a form of communication for the group.
- if you are interested in joining the What’s App chat, email Karen with your cell #

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:45 pm

Meeting notes from March 24th meeting

- currently awaiting our invoice
- TLG adjusted some prices but is compensating by giving free shipping
- either way, prepare for price increases

- attempting to partner with the Sheffield LEGO Users Group (SLUG) in England
- sending a build and information back and forth to get to know each other
- some local SLUGgers interested, more welcome
- Adam will check in with Sheffield to see where they're at

- all done
- one winner from England, one from the US
- not as many entries this year so that might affect next year's challenge

PA Hobby Show
- this weekend
- Jayson leading and (currently) rolling solo

Weekend of April 21st
- Majestics - D-Yaffe leading, set up starting on Friday
- Esterhazy - D-Yobb leading
- Brickan - Ray M, Jenn, Tom, Trevor, Scott, Jayson, Adam, Andre (and Kaitlyn) attending

Regina Train Show
- Trent RSVP'd on our behalf
- more info to come as the show gets closer

Board elections
- Vice-Chair position will be open this year (3-year appointment)
- process will begin on the forum in June
- vote will take place at the AGM in July

- RSVP information will be sent out in early May

LEGO week in Shaunavon
- tentatively set during the week of August 20th
- complete detail still to be worked out
- might include light workshops, small showcase, etc.

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Wed May 02, 2018 9:18 am

Notes from local meeting: April 17, 2018

1. The group suggested that when planning the local meeting schedule, that a meeting is not planned for the week of and week after BrickCan

2. Reminder to ensure that meeting notices should go out in email, not just What’s App as not everyone uses it

3. Reviewed the latest Weekly Update, in particular noted the changed date for the Esterhazy show

4. Ray J. mentioned that he built a cart, which fits in the trailer, to help transport tables from the trailer to the show floor – it holds 3 tables at a time

5. Lorelie can be at Majestics by 5 and will find out where our spot is and let Ray J. know the best door to use

6. Changes are being made to the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo – may affect the attendance arrangement in place now

7. Reminded the group to check out the Forum and to consider running for the Board. Discussed a bit about what is involved on being on the board, and what happens at the AGM.

8. There was a question about the disbursement of support bricks – thought that we used to receive them at club meetings, not just shows. Discussed that don’t receive as much any more, plus there are more members now

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Post by adamsonofwilliam on Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:53 am

Notes from the Aug 17 meeting:

Welcoming New Members
- welcome to Keith, who comes to use from Squamish BC as a former member of VLC.

BRICKSPO Feedback - museum
- positive feedback from visitors to the show, who enjoyed the spread-out layout
- most listed that they heard about the show through 'word of mouth' and 'Facebook / Social Media'

BRICKSPO Feedback - attendees
- we had 24/45 attendees respond to the survey
- members seemed to like the spread-out layout
- suggestions of more signage and/or 'greeters' to move people on to areas; a concerted effort to have themes covered at all times
- few heard feedback about the lack of workshops
- many heard that the pools were a hit and should continue. MBlug has offered to bring pricks again, and have asked for more pools
- many respondents took in a Brick Talks
- those who did seemed to enjoy the topic presented
- suggestions of 'building techniques', 'builders journey' and 'building experiences' for future talks; this is dependent on volunteers to present
- a 5% consignment fee to those wishing to sell at the yard sale was found the most preferable option; the fee collected would act similar to the fee we charge our vendors ($20 per table) and would be put towards the charity of choice for the year
- the majority of respondents stated a fee would not change their mind about selling in the Yard Sale
- a majority suggested that more items brought to sell should mean more hours working at the sale; a 3 hour minimum was suggested, as was staggered hours to assist with taking in other events during the show
- Some general comments: shopping bags for the Yard Sale; stating Honourable Mentions during awards; changing themes to better fit creations brought; opening 'icebreakers'; those local helping break down tables, etc. at end of show; recognizing good work through 'star' bricks

BRICKSPO Opportunities
- a suggestion that the committee overseeing the organization of the event be brought down to 3 individuals, then making use of other volunteers to take on show-required tasks
- a list of tasks will be made available soon for those interested

LUGBulk Status
- Andre
- not update at this point
- looking at a Fall arrival

Event Updates
- Queen City Anifest: Aug 24th
- Trevor
- all welcome; at Conexus Arts Center; Pop Culture builds; see email sent
- Saskatoon Comic Expo: Sept. 14th-15th
- Caleb
- large area for creations; 10 transferable passes; SLUG Challenge #23: Pop Culture object
- Ignite!
- Lorelie
- due to staffing changes at the Science Center, this event is not running this year
- Brickery: Nov. 2nd
- Chris U.
- more information will be sent via email
- Holiday Meeting: Dec. 14th
- at Melissa and Jason's in Regina
- pot-luck and MOC exchange (~100 piece build) to happen as usual
- more information will be sent via email

New Business
- Wacky Race feedback: round-robin style worked; P.A. system available for next year; new area to be suggested by WDM for more spectator room
- Embroidered 'Wolfpack' hats available from a business in Ontario; seen at Bricks in the Six; cost of hats ~$10; very good quality work; contact Adam if interested

- Bios for the website; short write-ups about interest and journey; send to SLUG email and Adam will format; suggestion that completion be connected to Bulk participation
- SLUG embroidered clothing; article given to Chris U. and cost of ~$12 for work done; all clothing welcome!
- next meeting during Saskatoon Comic Expo, Sat. Sept, 14th

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Meeting Notes Empty Re: Meeting Notes

Post by adamsonofwilliam on Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:49 pm

Notes from the Sept 14th meeting:

1) LUGbulk status
- still no update as of yet
- are set-up to pay as soon as the invoice is issued (to help speed up the process)

2) Queen City Ani-fest wrap-up
- show was good
- many members of the group took part
- ~300 visitors to the show

3)  Brickery reminders
- Sat., Nov. 2nd
- set-up on Friday from 6pm - 9pm
- set-up continues Sat from 8am - 10am
- show runs from 10am - 5pm
- supper, usually, to follow somewhere near the venue
- Challenge - Saskatchewan Landmark
- SLUG Jr. Challenge - Scene from TV or a Movie (email Chris / Jillian to let them know your Jr. is building)

4) December meeting reminders
- hosted by Jason and Melissa in Regina
- will be a potluck as per usual
- MOC exchange: bring a built, wrapped MOC (~100 pcs) to exchange
- possibly drafting whatever Black Friday box is released
          - arrangements for this have been offered to be done by Melissa and Jason ahead of time
          - desire to take part would be made known well before, upon the original purchase of sets
          - more info likely to follow

5) Wolfpack Hats
- few have mentioned desire for hats
- Adam is planning to order 10
- decisions can be made after they arrive
- cost will be $10 + shipping

6) 2020 Show forecast
- see website
- dates posted when known
- RSVP on doc please

7) Reminders:
- reminder for Bios on the website: send to slug email and they will be posted for you

Cool New business
- Draft sets: people have picked up some deals in the past and are holding them for future drafts
- hosts of meetings / shows could look at list
- New Website: should be up and running in 1-2 months
- will eventually require new banners and business cards

Cool Next meeting
- local
- see website
- Regina: Hosted by Nicole in Balgonie on Oct. 19th at 1pm
- Saskatoon: please arrange one as new possible members were met at Expo
- Estevan: Chris, take Jillian somewhere nice Wink

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Post by adamsonofwilliam Yesterday at 1:05 pm

Notes for the October 17th meeting:

1) LUGbulk status

2) Brickery

3) December meeting

4) Wolfpack Hats

5) 2020 Show forecast

6) BRICKSPO committee

7) Creations for Charity

8.) Manabo

9) Reminders

10) New business

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