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April 30th, May the Fourth preview Private Shopping event at the Lego store?

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April 30th, May the Fourth preview Private Shopping event at the Lego store? Empty April 30th, May the Fourth preview Private Shopping event at the Lego store?

Post by CupIsHalfEmpty Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:56 pm

Hey Mr MBLUG Ambassador,

Is this available to us?

"This year, all LEGO Brand Retail Stores in both Europe & North America will be offering an exclusive early-access, private shopping opportunity to RLUG members on Saturday April 30th. This event may sound somewhat familiar; as it’s created in the similar vein as our annual “Brick Friday” VIP early-access shopping event in November here in North America. The difference here being this opportunity is directly tied to our annual Star Wars celebration of “May the 4th”and is being exclusively offered to the AFOL community via recognized LEGO User Groups. Please see the attachments for more details.

The VIP team has also created an exclusive LEGO Star Wars product just for this event! Only 28 copies of this product will be allocated per store; which means there are only a maximum of 28 invitations available per store. We fully understand that this may not be ideal in all geographic areas, so we appreciate your understanding.

So now, we need your help Ambassadors! Jan and I have been tasked with providing a firm list of interested participants to the LEGO Brand Retail organization by the end of next week. This means we need to hear from you by Wednesday April 6th (12:00 pm CEST). Yes, we know the turnaround is tight on this request but unfortunately, there were a few details that had to be confirmed before we could share this opportunity with you all.

If you, or anyone within your RLUG lives within a reasonable distance from a LEGO Store and are interested in participating in this event, please let us know. To ease with the coordination process we are relying on each Ambassador to poll their respective RLUG and collect names (with VIP numbers as well) to submit to Jan and I in a single collected list per RLUG. You will also need to specify which LEGO store location your RLUG member will be attending. In areas where there are multiple RLUGs or multiple LEGO stores please utilize this topic to discuss opportunities amongst your fellow Ambassadors. When complete, Ambassadors should email their final list to Jan or I depending on geographic location.

Please note that if we are presented with a scenario in which there are more interested participants than spaces available, names will be randomly selected. Also, when speaking with your RLUG members, please ensure they only coordinate interest with a single RLUG if they are a member of multiple groups.

We hope you find this opportunity of interest and a sign of commitment from our colleagues in both LEGO Brand Retail and the VIP team to the AFOL community. Please limit communication of this opportunity to your individual RLUG forums, email lists and the LAN.

This information is not to be posted / blogged / shared with the general public, doing so may jeopardize future similar opportunities!

Thank you for your time and continued support of the LEGO Brand & Hobby.

May the force be with you, always."

If it is available, put me down as participant number 1 thanks! Very Happy

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