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Bricks Magazine: Brick Build Olympic

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Bricks Magazine: Brick Build Olympic  Empty Bricks Magazine: Brick Build Olympic

Post by adamsonofwilliam Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:49 pm

Ready, set, build!
It’s time to limber up, loosen those finger joints and show us your work as we launch the Bricks Build Olympics.

We have foregone all the razzle and dazzle of an opening ceremony and gone straight to the main event. That’s right we are looking for you to show us what you can do by entering our brick-building Olympic tournament.
Whether you build large or small or never at all, we want you to get involved. All you need to do is submit a model (it could be one you have already done or something new), pick a category and add a small description about your creation.
You can also vote on other models on the site and help us pick some champions. Then when the real Olympics close we will pick a gold, silver and bronze winner from each discipline.
It’s free to enter and the perfect time to get involved in the spirit of the global games, however with us you don’t need to spend hours down the track.

Nano or Micro-scale build
The subject of the build can be anything from vehicles to architecture it just needs to fit within the scale remit.

Mini figure scale structure
This needs to be a building(s) or landscape to qualify for this category and must be built in minifigure scale. The build can include or omit figures they are not essential this is about scale.

Any intergalactic explorer on any scale is acceptable. The craft needs to be clearly of science fiction origin and can be inspired by film spaceships but cannot be something that has been an actual official LEGO set.

This can be any ground fairing vehicle, as long as it is designed to travel on the ground it counts. It can be on wheels, caterpillar tracks or even powered by horses the choice is yours. Submissions to this category can be on any scale.
Film/TV inspired vignette
We all love the movies so why not show us what they have inspired you to build. There is no limit to scale or size it just needs to be inspired by something from the world of film and TV.

Possibly the most adventurous category, this can literally be anything you like as long as it doesn’t fall into any of the other categories.

So what are you waiting for get building, dig out those old MOCs and see if you can be a Bricks Champion… you will be rewarded.
go here to submit

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