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LEGO shortage...

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LEGO shortage... Empty LEGO shortage...

Post by adamsonofwilliam Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:42 am

As Chris has posted on the ol' FB, there's word going around that the Great White North might be facing a bit of shortage of set availability in the next little while:

It seems like it's mainly going to affect the smaller, independant stores rather than the country as a whole (no way TRU or WM would allow that to happen to them, right?). The reason they seem to be given is that two factors are causing this: 1) Chinese market opening up and 2) the popularity of the LEGO Movie driving all over sales.

Though I understand how these could be factors, I have a problem believing them, here's why:

1) LEGO has production and distribution centres all over the place. They've set up systems in key areas to provide product for specific regions: N / S America (Mexico), Europe (Billund), Middle East / Africa (Chech. Rep) and Asia / Austraila (China) (these are from what I understand and remember). The reason they have set these up is so that the demand in one area should not affect the other regions of the globe. Perhaps they'd pull from one area to play catch-up in another, but I wouldn't think it would cause a shortage.

2) The LEGO Movie came out almost a year ago, so wouldn't the effects of it's popularity be felt already, an not just as it's coming to the Christmas season?

As Winston posted on Chirs' FB link, this could start a snatch-grab buying frenzy before Christmas whether it's warranted or not.

Take all of the above with a grain of salt as I'm not a hard-study on business, and am more prone to painting...

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LEGO shortage... Empty Re: LEGO shortage...

Post by ManitobaMoe Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:14 pm

Who is Chirs, sounds like a guy that I would want to avoid Smile

I thought the post was funny as the reason you stated,NA lego for the most part if done in Mexico and China is getting its own huge factory. Stuff made for NA would not be sold in China as the boxes would have the wrong markings on them


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